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History of the Pasty

The word pasty comes from the middle English word meaning made of paste (pastry).


The pasty was the primary meal option of miner’s years ago.  Pasties were made with a variety of fillings to suit the individual’s taste and preference.  It was a convenient meal for them to take underground as they were easily carried and could be eaten without any utensils.  The crust fold was there for miners to hold on to the pasty because many mines contained arsenic which is on their hand.  That way they could eat the pasty and throw away the dirty crust.  Some mines even built huge ovens on the surface to keep the pasties hot until it was time to eat.  And housewives would sometimes mark their husband’s initials on the left hand side of the pasty casing in order to avoid confusion at lunch time. It was thought that a good pasty was strong enough to be dropped unharmed down a mineshaft.


Over the years, hundreds of thousands of pasties have been eaten below the earth’s surface!   The unique flavor of a pasty and the tradition in which it was enjoyed continues today! 


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